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Paragon Pahk T-Shirt

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Paragon Pahk T-Shirt

A once-iconic part of Nantasket Beach, Paragon Park was a monument to a simpler time.  If you remember the rides, the arcade, and miss the clams and saltwater taffy, this tee will have you saying "Take Me Back to Paragon Pahk!"

The state of Massachusetts is packed with a rich history, diverse people, beautiful landscapes, and a great number of landmark locations. One of these is the historic amusement park on Nantasket Beach. For many people, Paragon holds a wealth of happy memories andnostalgia, from days spent on the beach nearby to the thrills experience on the rides. Although this vintage amusement park was closed in 1984, it remains a landmark icon in Massachusetts and is remembered fondly by many. For those who still love Paragon, this comfortable and breathable Chowdaheadz t-shirt is a great way to represent your love for the park.

Enjoy the high-fives that come as you encounter those with similar memories. Our shirts are made withhigh-qualitymaterials to ensure a comfortable, breathable, and flattering fit. We use 100% cotton or a cotton-poly blend fabric. You can wear our shirts to the next football game, your family reunion, or even atwork. We also make our shirts in many sizes and will fit as expected. This t-shirt is available inadultsizes throughsmallto4XL. If you spent happy days at Paragon or on the nearby beach, you’ll love this comfy crew neck shirt by Chowdaheadz. Our high-qualitytees are made in the USA by hard-workingmenandwomen. Chowdaheadz is a company that is owned and operated by passionate New Englanders. We’ve been in business for 15 years and bring youtop-notch New England-inspiredapparel. We love our region and strive to help others sport their pride as well. We work to ensure that your orders are correct from fulfillment to packing. No matter where you are in the world, show everyone how much you love this vintage amusement park with your new Chowdaheadz t-shirt!


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