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Our New England Themed Kids & Infant Gear Rocks!

It's never too early to inspire kids to take pride in their homeland. That's why we sell quality infant one pieces at Whether the children in your life are little Green Monsters or as good as (black and) gold, we have them covered.

Do your job as a parent and get your infant one of our 100 percent sports onesies with three-button closure at the bottom, which makes them easy for changing. Whether your favorite number is 12 for Tom Brady or 617 for the local area code, ChowdaHeadz is the No. 1 place to shop if you are a ChowdaHead. If you bleed the colors of your local Boston sports team, let everyone know your baby drools them.

If your child's closet is already packed with clothes, check out our other items. Show the other kids at school that yours knows whom to root for with backpacks and temporary tattoos featuring logos of each of the Bruins, Celtics, Red Sox, and Patriots. The Red Sox's all-time great starting lineup might include Williams, Ortiz and Yastrzemski, but the all-time starting lineup for the youngster in your life might include stuffed animals, a sippy cup and a pacifier showing off Boston baseball pride.

Every kid who plays cards with a deck adorned with the name and logo of one of Boston's elite professional sports teams is a winner.

Introduce your kids to Charlie ChowdaHead early. The world's cutest stuffed clam is a great toy, or start your child reading about Charlie and other characters with our books for kids. In the rest of the United States, kids have teddy bears. Here in New England, your child should have Charlie ChowdaHead or a stuffed lobster.

Point your child toward the bathroom at night and toward the right team to cheer for with a night light bearing the logo of the Red Sox, Celtics, Patriots or Bruins.

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For almost 20 Years Chowdaheadz has been serving the New England area with unique & funny t-shirts right from our warehouse in Woburn, MA. The name you know & trust.  Most items from our own warehouse in New England right outside Boston & we get it out the door wicked fast.  Most orders ship the same or next business day!  For help email