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Hockey Gear


Get your fill of all things related to Boston's thriving hockey culture with our selection of Black and Gold apparel and novelty keepsakes. When the playoffs start, it's time to rep that hockey gear and show the world you bleed black and gold with the best of them. 

Black and Gold Clothing

What better way to show your support in the stands than to wear it on your sleeve? Get your wardrobe ready for the Boston Hockey game with t-shirts, hoodies, and hats that feature graphics hockey fans everywhere can respect. This is high-quality, well-made gear that will last you a lifetime of sitting in the gahden cheering on the only team worth cheering for. 

Rounding out the apparel, we've got black and gold hats, caps, and socks on the days you feel like accessorizing with a little hockey flair. 

To help you spread the hockey love, we've got colorful stickers and decals that are perfect for windows, your laptop, your car, and literally, anywhere else you can think of.