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Show the world your attraction to all things New England with decorative magnets from Chowdaheadz. A refrigerator without magnets is as naked as a New England winter without snow, Cape Cod Bay without sailboats, or Vermont without bright autumn colors. They are great collectibles and a way to add personal touches that don't take up space in your kitchen and home, and they don't cost much. But be careful, because buying magnets is like eating chips - one is never enough.

Show off your love of sports and the people in your life with a Boston sports magnet picture frame decorated with a Red Sox or Bruins logo. These are great for your kids' youth baseball or hockey photos. A Celtics magnet clip serves the dual purpose of proclaiming your love for the greatest franchise in NBA history while also holding papers firmly in place.

In addition to the fridge, a gym locker is a great place to put our Boston sports magnets. Magnets also look great on toolboxes, especially a magnet that says, "Do Your Job," safes, or anything else metal in your home or office.

A magnet's power can be measured in more ways than how many nails it can grab. Boston Strong, Love Boston, and the strong-armed Cape Cod are powerful magnets for anyone who loves New England, from the eastern tip of Maine all the way to eastern border of New York. They will attract attention from anyone in the room.

The magnets we sell are made from a flexible material, and they should stick to most any metal surface. The color and print details are high quality, and many of the magnets are UV rated for use outdoors. Enjoy New England, and add some color to your kitchen or anywhere else there's metal with some Wicked Awesome magnets. Pick up something good today at ChowdaHeadz.

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For almost 20 Years Chowdaheadz has been serving the New England area with unique & funny t-shirts right from our warehouse in Woburn, MA. The name you know & trust.  Most items from our own warehouse in New England right outside Boston & we get it out the door wicked fast.  Most orders ship the same or next business day!  For help email