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I Love Pumpkin Pickin' Fine Print T-Shirt

I Love Pumpkin Pickin' Fine Print T-Shirt

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I Love Pumpkin Pickin' Fine Print T-Shirt

Studies have shown for every 2 people you see picking pumpkins in the fall, 1 doesn't want to be there. All those forced smiles on social media. #fallfun! #pumpkinpicking! If a farmer asked you for help on a Saturday tending to his fields or picking his produce you'd be like "no thanks". But throw in a long drive, a jacked-up price tag, fighting kids, and free labor, and it becomes the go-to October activity for couples and families all over New England. Oh, and P.S. they have pumpkins at the grocery store. You agreed to go, sure, but you don't hafta be happy about it. Let them wear their cute fall outfits, we've got you covered. Put on a happy face, grab this tee, and get it over with. The passive aggressive look is in this fall. 

 Shirt's fine print reads:

I LOVE relaxing on the weekends. But someone woke up today and was like, "let's go pumpkin picking!" So instead of fighting all day it's a lot easier to just say "fine" and drive an hour somewhere, pay to park, walk through rows and rows of dirt and crowds of people and kids, find 2 pumpkins that aren't weirdly flat on one side or discolored, pay out the nose for them, take multiple photos just to post on social media, carry them both to the car, go home, scoop them out and carve them with crappy plastic tools, and put them on the porch and watch them rot 'til November. So here I am PUMPKIN PICKIN'

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