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Chowdaheadz is here to provide you with something new and different to give mom on her special day. If you have a mom that might balk at flowers or turn her nose up to a nice brunch then check out our awesome line of T-shirts and blankets that are specifically designed for the Boston loving mom in your life.  

We all know that it is a special kind of mom that loves Bean town. So it doesn't matter if she loves Fenway or Madison Square Garden we have a shirt or a blanket that is perfect for your mom that loves Boston as much as you do.  

We all know that we are fanatical in the support of our city and our teams. We love to show where we are from and who we are. Now you can give mom a great way to show her support and love for the city, or any of its historical locations.  

If you love your mom and you want to give her something unique this year then Chowdaheadz has what you need.