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Unique Kitchen & Bar Items For Chowdaheadz Everywhere!

Unique Kitchen & Bar Items For Chowdaheadz Everywhere!

Boston Fan Kitchen & Bar Items


Whether your home or just your heart is in New England, decorate your kitchen and home bar to reflect your love of the region.

Your special someone will know what's for dinner on a cold winter night when you pull the "Wicked Good Chowdah" bowl out of the cupboard. In the morning, drink from a Red Sox travel coffee mug or one of our many other mugs celebrating the local sports teams or regional hiking. The Do Your Job mug is appropriate for both the workweek and Sundays in the fall.

Enjoy a beer with your bowl of chowder, and open it in style with a bottle opener shaped like a lobster claw or one that contains a local message. These make great stocking stuffers and add a lot of local flavor for such a small item.

Many drinkers like pint glasses because they fit easily in the freezer and are perfect for holding exactly one cold beer on a warm, muggy New England summer day. Pair your drink in a Red Sox drinking glass with a koozie that will keep it cold and help you identify it at a party. We offer other beverage cups made to keep your drink cold or warm, or with lockable lids.

Show off your team allegiance and your grilling skills with a sportula, a heavy-duty stainless steel grilling spatula featuring the logo of your favorite team. As a bonus, it even has a bottle opener at the end of the handle.

Dress the part of grill mastah with a specially designed apron that keeps all the tools you need within easy reach, with many pockets for storage. Cut your perfectly cooked meat or vegetables on one of our cutting and serving boards in the shape of one of New England's states. You won't waste another minute searching for a bottle opener after you buy a wall-mount bottle opener.

Celebrate the big score with a shot using our Patriots or Red Sox glassware. The shot glasses come in sets of four, so invite three buddies over and enjoy a warm shot in the winter when Brady throws a fourth-quarter touchdown pass to win another game, or when the Bruins score a goal to break a late tie.