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Boston is our home, we love Fenway, we never use our blinkah's and we greet others with "hey hawahyah".  We have some amazing t-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, & other items designed just for Boston lovah's.  If you love the shamrock, love our sports teams, love our lifestyle, and love the city than grab some support gear here to show you pride. 


Boston born and bred, huh? Well, as any real Bostonian knows, displaying your pride in everything Boston is a vital part of being a part of the community. We might be exaggerating here a little bit, but only a little. Boston pride is very real.

It's time to update your wardrobe with a few of the basics. We've got a whole slew of Boston-themed styles that will knock your socks off. But don't worry, after you pick out a few T-shirts we've got some Boston socks that'll take care of that.

Sporty Boston fans can have their pick of baseball or hockey shirts. One of our most popular designs is the Fenway Sign design in vintage, distressed and regular styles. This shirt comes in a few different colors too.

Boston foodies will love our Boston Lobstah Claw shirt. The nautical design features a rich maroon and creamy ivory color scheme over a stunning navy background. Lobster is a classy dish, so we we tapped into our haute-couture skills on this one.

Anyone eager to show off their Boston lineage should take a look at our Property of Boston 617 shirt, our Save the Sign shirt and our 617 Heart shirt. These gems have the sort of inside jokes and references you'll relish showing off.

Interested in sporting the luck of the Boston Irish? We've got some Shamrock designs mixed in with a classic Celtic color scheme to scratch this itch.

For unique, well-made Boston T-shirts, ChowdaHeadz is the place to shop them. We have a knack for designing heart-warming graphics and mottos that'll put a smile on your face. To showcase these brilliant designs we only rely on the best fabrics and dyes.

Sizes for our Boston T-shirts typically reach all the way up to 4XL. Unisex, long sleeve and ladies cuts are available.