Mookie Betts Is Hurting My Feelings

Mookie Betts Is Hurting My Feelings

Jake Archer ·

I saw this coming. I'm not AT ALL surprised. Mookie Betts lit the world on fire in this short MLB season and now has the Dodgers in the World Series. The trade the Red Sox made, which I blasted time and time again, is biting them in the butt. Despite all of this being insanely predictable, it still hurts.

What's the worst part? Well, for some reason the country is acting like they've never seen Mookie Betts play baseball before. There's this huge Mookie love-fest that is bordering on stomache-turning. He's been called a superstar (we knew that), better than Mike Trout (false), and the LeBron James/Michael Jordan of the MLB (comical). Everyone in the media is blasting the Red Sox for the trade, which is deserved, but people are acting like Mookie Betts just became awesome. He's BEEN awesome!

It's not like he's now playing for a big market team or on the big stage for the first time. Why didn't he get this praise as a member of the Red Sox? He had already won an MVP, a World Series and countless other awards. He had a top selling jersey. Why has LA somehow made him not just appreciated, but over-hyped?

Anyway, this whole thing sucks. I love Mookie, I think I've made that clear. I'm rooting for him and I'm rooting for the Dodgers. It makes me happy to see the Red Sox dragged for their mistake, but it still hurts my heart as a fan. I'll never forgive John Henry and company for making it miserable to watch one of my favorite players.

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