Wentworth by the Sea Winter Wine Festival

The annual Winter Wine Festival, arranged at the famed Wentworth by the Sea, is a major attraction for wine and food lovers in New Hampshire and beyond. From wine and food tastings to seafood evenings and jazz brunches, the festival is quite an attraction for wine and food lovers. This year, the Wentworth by the Sea Winter Wine Festival started on January 22 and will last until February 21, there are five featured fiesta events.

Grand Vintner’s Dinners

With cuisines to enhance every wine, four-course dinners along with winemakers and their fine wines from all over the globe, the Grand Vintner’s Dinners is a delightful experience. This year five days of Grand Vintner’s Dinners will take place, each evening with a different special winemaker and requires an entrance ticket.

Big Tastings

This event is a must-attend for wine lovers. A walk-around experience with wine stations that offer classic and modern wines from the finest wineries in the world. There are two days dedicated for the Big Tastings and is open for attendance with an entrance ticket.

Flight Nights

Because of the “no tickets required” policy, this event is the most famous one among the five. With multiple wine types for multiple days, there are 16 Flight Nights during the Winter Wine Festival. From Chardonnays to West Coast Wines, from Italian to French wines, there is quite a selection available!

Shell-shocked: An oyster and wine celebration

This is another event that does not require ticket. With two days of shell-shocked with great sommelier-chosen wines to go along with the East Coast oysters- some grilled some roasted, and some fried, this event is a delight. Choose what you want a la carte!

Bubbles & Jazz Sunday Brunch

Though this event requires a ticket, they serve international premier sparkling wine along with the best brunch cuisines on a Sunday. There are five days dedicated to the amazing brunch and wine so you don’t miss it!

This festival has been on from mid-January to mid-February for 12 years and is gaining appeal with each passing year. Despite the ticket prices in some events, people travel from all over the country and New England to be a part of this celebration. Visit their website for details!


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