WEEI replaces Tim Neverett with a bunch of people

WEEI replaces Tim Neverett with a bunch of people

If the suspense was killing you to find out who would be in the booth on Boston Red Sox radio broadcasts this season, well then worry no more. We have that answer figured out now...

Entercom announced a new "all-star team" of play-by-play broadcasters to work alongside Joe Castiglione this season on WEEI, and it is a very long list. Here's a look at what they're doing.

Sean McDonough -- The bald guy who burned his bridges calling Monday night football is back in Boston. He used to call the games on UPN 38 back in the day.

Josh Lewin -- He was a New York Mets radio broadcaster from 2012 to 2018 and has some experience calling NFL games on Fox.

Mario Impemba -- He had done radio play-by-play for the Detroit Tigers for the past 17 seasons--until he got into a fight with another broadcaster. These three guys are going to be the main dudes on the broadcast, rotating in and out for one another.

Chris Berman -- The ESPN broadcaster known for his football and home run derby broadcasting will do some games.

Lou Merloni -- The WEEI radio host and Red Sox legend will help out with the broadcasts, as he has done in the past.

Dale Arnold -- Ugh.

Tom Caron -- OK then.

Dave O'Brien -- Now this one is interesting because he is also the NESN play-by-play man. They're going to use O'Brien on the radio during "select" nationally televised games. This is actually a great move for those of us who cannot stand the ESPN broadcasts with Alex Rodriguez and Jess Mendoza and whoever else they have in the booth.

Oh yeah, and they signed Joe Castiglione to a multi-year deal, so he is not going anywhere. So yeah, that's how they're going to replace Tim Neverett. Interesting strategy, to say the least.

We'll see how it works out. Definitely a few good names on the list.

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