WATCH: Bill Belichick knows how to laugh

There’s certain people you think of when you think of comedy.

Comedians, TV shows, people you know, bloggers for Chowdaheadz, there’s a lot of people who can give you a quick laugh sometimes. You also know people who appreciate a good joke. Unfortunately for the greatest coach in NFL history, he strikes everyone as neither of those. For one shining moment though, Bill Belichick showed his human side this week.

So what did it for old Bill, you might ask? A trip to the Harlem Globetrotters.

Pretty much, Bill and his wife sat front row at a Globetrotters game and someone must’ve recognized coach Belichick because, I mean, come on. One of the players decided they would help his wife spin a basketball on her finger — and Bill really liked what he saw.

That’s right: Bill has fun like the rest of us. Just because he takes what he does seriously, probably hates talking to the media (understandable, especially when so many questions don’t pertain to the actual playing of football) and cuts players like they’re nothing does not mean he can’t go out and enjoy life.

Heck, Belichick even smiles when talking to the media sometimes…

Come to think of it, it’s pretty impressive how little we know about Belichick despite the fact that he’s been the Patriots head coach this entire millennium. No one even knows his salary or how he got that black eye in 2016 or what he’d order from Chipotle anything like that. Pretty much: he likes US history and lacrosse, speaks English and lives in Hingham. Not really much else to him than football,  one has to assume — or they can just mind their own damn business. How ’bout dat?

Who knows, maybe Belichick smiles his way to another Super Bowl win next season? It’d give him more reason to smile.

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