VIDEO: Zdeno Chara is working out HARD this offseason

VIDEO: Zdeno Chara is working out HARD this offseason


No, the McRib is not back at McDonald's ( yet) unfortunately, but we do have some pretty spicy Boston Bruins content for you. Like, this is going to have you really pumped up for the Bruins season, if you're not already (which would be a shock).

Bruins legend and great grandfather of 12 Zdeno Chara is still going strong getting ready for this upcoming season. He looked better last year than he did the year before that and it looks like he's still working very hard this offseason. He fell into the trap of pro athletes who post offseason videos of themselves working out on Instagram. It's not as big of a thing in hockey as it is in other sports, but it's cool to see something Bruins-related this week, right?


The English version of the caption on his post reads, "I really enjoy working hard in the gym where you are not afraid to sweat or bleed ,where pains become part of who you are ,where you consistently have to earn it everyday, hungry to be better. No shortcuts ! No excuses! No BS ! #dukla #hardwork #grind #grit #sweat #funtimes"


Well, that's pretty interesting. The fact that he hashtagged the word sweat is pretty weird and I wouldn't want to click on that hashtag to see what others have posted under the same category, but you have to give him props for the way he is marketing himself. He knows how many people look up #sweat on Instagram and when they do, he wants to be the first result. You have to admire that kind of dedication to the game.

Oh yeah, and the fact that he's 41 years old and still going to be a contributor to a team who will likely make the playoffs this upcoming season is pretty cool as well.

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