VIDEO: Red Sox immortal Jose Canseco still crushing bombs

The title of this could just as easily read: former Worcester Tornado Jose Canseco is still on steroids.

If anyone follows Canseco on Twitter, they know he is pretty arrogant. And if anyone follows his career, they know that up until a few years ago, he was still a professional baseball player. And he was not one of the worst players either — he just was not good. Obviously, Canseco still has power. Just look at his arms. He’s ripped. Steroids did him good. But he had to do a lot of lifting and eat right too to become what he is today.

On Saturday night, Canseco set out to hit a 622-foot home run as a promotion for the Frisco RoughRiders, the Texas Rangers Double-A affiliate. He might not have gotten it. But man, he hit some bombs. See for yourself.

Canseco is 51 years old and has not played in a big league game since 2001. He might come off as a buffoon when he talks about wanting a major league comeback. And while it probably is not feasible at this point man, he can still hit. Just think if it weren’t for guys being found out for steroids, he probably could have played a lot longer than he did.

Canseco spent two seasons with the Boston Red Sox (1995-1996) and clobbered 52 home runs in 198 games. Yes, his tenure in Boston was ridden with injury, Baseball Reference says that’s 43 home runs per 162 games. That’s not bad — even in the steroid era.

A few years back, Canseco took to Twitter several times talking about how he wanted to fight Shaquille O’Neal, MMA style.

If it were to happen, let’s just hope Shaq would avenge that big loss to Aaron Carter 15 years ago.

No, we’re not ending on Aaron Carter today.

It’s worth noting this is Jose Canseco’s exact Twitter bio: “media inquiries, appearances, bookings contact New World Sports Mgmt LLC Also contact Walt Harris for spend a weekend with Jose 702 622 5890”.

Are you serious? I can pay money to hang out with Jose Canseco? I’ll get the sleeping bags.

And who could forget his 2012 tenure with the Worcester Tornadoes? He sued the team and leave them for another team without saying anthing. In his defense, a lot of people were suing them then and rightfully so. But don’t worry, the Worcester Bravehearts of the Futures Collegiate Baseball League have nothing to do with that.

Maybe Canseco’s tenure in Worcester is best known for the time he left a 19-year-old waitress in the Worcester area his phone number along with a generous five dollar tip. Yes, his phone number is on that hyperlink.

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