VIDEO: David Ortiz goes undercover for Lyft

Ever wonder what David Ortiz does during his spare time? Well. Here’s an idea.

Ortiz drove around Boston as an undercover Lyft driver recently. Think people would know who he is right? Uh… How about you just watch it before you make that assumption.

Interesting. They knew who he was but didn’t know that was him. I mean, that wig and sunglasses disguise was pretty convincing. But anyone who had ever heard him talk or knew what he sounds like should have been a little suspicious. The guy sounded just like David Ortiz and he’s a big dude.

He even threw in some hints. He doesn’t like walking (he’s got that bad Achilles). He doesn’t like New York (uhh.. the Yankees). He spits into his hands before driving (what he does before he hits). He talks about the Red Sox (his team). He’s going to the Red Sox game (he’s on the team). He even had some sort of a panda dance — not that it probably helped anyone.

The president selfie should have been a dead giveaway though. Selfies have only been around since the Obama administration and to have one with the president, now that has to be someone famous or notable.

Certainly, it gives these people an interesting Ortiz story to tell though. A lot of people have those.

Who knows? Maybe I have one of the craziest David Ortiz stories you’ll ever hear. Maybe it’s so crazy you won’t believe it and I’ll need to have people who were around me verify it actually happened.  And maybe I’ll share it in the next few weeks.

Maybe I’ll stop saying maybe and admit there is an Ortiz story to come in the next few weeks. And by reading it, you might find out something you didn’t know already.


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