New Hampshire Is Home To The World's Longest Candy Counter

New Hampshire Is Home To The World's Longest Candy Counter

The shop has been a continuous presence on Littleton's Main Street for over a hundred years. It began as a dry goods store owned by Congregational minister turned grocer, Frederick George Chutter.

Chutter immigrated from England in the late 1880s, but after a 1905 trip abroad he returned to Littleton, hung up his robes, and began his dry goods business. He never returned to the church, spending the rest of life dispensing candy and groceries to the people of Littleton.

The extensive candy counter features gummy, jelly, and hard treats as well as licorice, taffy, gumballs and lollipops, but chocolate lovers can still find plenty to love at Chutters. 

They carry all your favorite homemade treats including peanut butter filled chocolates, cappuccino truffles, caramel filled pretzels, cherries dipped in white, dark, or milk chocolate - and much, much more!

In addition to the wide array of decadent chocolates, Chutters also makes their own homemade fudge right on site! Choose from a wide array of traditional and specialty flavors like Oreo, raspberry cheesecake, and chocolate walnut.

Even if you can't make it to Littleton to see the record-breaking candy counter, you can still enjoy some of Chutters' fine treats - they also have locations in Lincoln and Bretton Woods!