Vegas thinks the Patriots will win Super Bowl 51

Think the New England Patriots will win the Super Bowl this upcoming season? Well, the odds would be in your favor — the betting odds, that is.

Anyone who wants to place a bet on the Patriots winning Super Bowl 51, know that you would receive the least reward for betting on them. Why? Because they are favored to win. Even so, they are not a clear-cut favorite yet. Six to one odds. That seems to indicate Bovada thinks the Patriots will make it that far. But it also means anyone betting on the Pats right now would receive a handsome payday in February if they win it all.

The odds also have the Seattle Seahawks with the second-best odds of winning it all. So you know what that means? They are projecting a Super Bowl 49 rematch. How about that?

It is doubtful any Pats fans would be complaining if the game went down exactly the same way it went down in Super Bowl 49. Malcolm Butler certainly wouldn’t be complaining.

Pete Carroll said he wanted to win a Super Bowl for the Patriots. Little did we know he’d do it as the Seahawks head coach.

Plus the halftime show was dope.


Even if this Patriots team still has question marks, there are reasons to believe they could have great results — especially since they probably would have won it all if they were completely healthy last year.

Health is always key to success on the gridiron. But so is a sturdy offensive line. And the Patriots did not have that last year at the end of the year.

Jonathan Cooper might be an upgrade at guard. He thinks he is which has to be worth something, But then again, few players will self-doubt themselves openly. That is simply just not how life works.

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