Trevor Plouffe would be a good fit for the Sox

Depth ain’t looking so good on the 2017 Red Sox.

Not going to nitpick these guys to death because, honestly, they look good — real good. It’s the offseason and this is only a team on paper but yeah, they don’t have many bodies. Good bodies to fill an order? Very. Many bodies to fill a depth chart? No. Not at all.

Looking at the Sox needs for depth, ignore the outfield for a second because of how stellar all those guys could be. Turn your had to the left: third base. Look at Pablo Sandoval. Yeah. He’s their third baseman this season. Sure, there’s a chance he has that big comeback year. But there’s no depth behind him. And with these Trevor Plouffe rumors flying, maybe the Sox need to take a flyer on a guy like that.

Plouffe plays just about every infield spot and had an .781 OPS against lefties last year. His lifetime OPS against righties is about .700. Yeah. That’s a decent player right there. Excellent? No. But he’s got a little pop (12 homers in 319 at-bags last year). Solid player.

If not Plouffe, someone would be nice. Would be a better bench option than, say, Josh Rutledge. Brock Holt can play third and so can Rutledge but they’re not particularly good at it which is a scary thought for Red Sox fans. Plouffe ain’t too good defensively, but he can handle a full year at a spot, if need be. He’s got what the Sox need, honestly.

Plus there’s the whole Sandoval and Mitch Moreland both struggle against left-handed pitching thing. So does Brock Holt and Josh Rutledge’s career OPS starts with a six. Yeah. They could use some help.

And who cares about the luxury tax either? Since when did the Red Sox start caring about money? Seems odd….

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