Tom Brady to Serve Four Game Suspension this Season

tom_brady-3679No, this is not an April Fools’ Joke. Not today.

Today, the US Appeals courts ruled that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will indeed have to serve out his four game suspension this season, according to the Associated Press. Here’s the tweet that made my heart skip a beat:

Apparently, the court decided that it was within reason for Roger Goodell to issue the suspension in the first place. And because of that, ticket prices for the Patriots first few games are already falling.

The ruling has cause uproar around the league, no matter whose side people are taking. New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees suggested that Deflategate is not so much about Brady as it is Goodell and his hunger for power. (Remember: Brees was on the Saints team punished for Bountygate.)

Last year, Goodell’s home in Scarborough, Maine was put under police watch in order to protect it from Patriots fans unhappy with the ruling. Certainly, it seems like he will probably have to do that again.

Right now, the Red Sox have to do just what they did last year: prep for the season with Jimmy Garoppolo as the starting quarterback. Patriots head coach Bill Belichick likes what he sees from Jimmy G and the consesus is that the Patriots will start the season 3-1 under his lead.

The Patriots will need a backup quarterback for the first four games of the season. JaMarcus Russell said he would play for free. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

But more on deflategate: yes, Patriots fans. This is complete garbage. It had already been ruled that he did not have to serve it. Deflategate had cleared over and this was out of sight and out of mind. Not anymore.

LeGarrette Blount rushed for three touchdowns and the Colts scored six points in that AFC Championship game! Does a ball make a 39 point difference?

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