Thrillist Names Their Picks For The 5 Best Things About Each New England State

We all know that life in New England has its ups and downs and each individual has their own opinion as to what the best and the worst features are. The men’s lifestyle website, Thrillist recently released their own top 5 picks for the best things about each New England state. Let’s see if you agree.


  1. The Berkshires – Thrillist feels that the beautiful, picturesque mountains and villages of Western, MA deserve far more recognition than they get.
  2. Boston Restaurants – The site mentions Boston celebrity chefs, Tiffani Faison, Kristen Kish, Ming Tsai and Barbara Lynch as their explanation for this one.
  3. Brimfield Antique Show – You can stylishly decorate your entire home and spot celebrities at this three-time-per-year exhibition.
  4. The Cape & Islands – Hey, it was good enough for the Kennedies! From the beaches to the lovely homes and charming inns, the Cape and islands are classic New England.
  5. The North Shore – For Thrillist it’s all about the seafood, which, of course, the North Shore is known for – especially the whole-bellied fried clams.


New Hampshire

  1. White Mountains – Hiking, fishing, golfing, skiing, craft breweries – you name it, the Whites have it!
  2. Portsmouth – Tax-free shopping plus fabulous dining have led some to call Portsmouth the next Portland (Maine).
  3. The Grand Hotels – The Mount Washington Hotel, Balsams Wilderness, and Wentworth by the Sea bring to mind the resort from Dirty Dancing.
  4. Hampton Beach – A true boardwalk carnival town featuring “Skee-Ball, soft serve, salt-water taffy, scantily clad locals, sand sculpting, and scads and scads of tacky trinket stores.”
  5. Political Involvement – NH may be small but there is great power and great responsibility in hosting the country’s first presidential primary election every four years.



  1. Beaches – From the iconic lighthouses and famously gorgeous tourist beaches to the lesser known pocket beaches, Maine features some of America’s most stunning coastlines.
  2. Acadia National Park – 47,000 pristine acres of oceanfront hiking, what’s not to love?
  3. Lobster Pounds – If it’s not Maine lobster, it’s not worth eating!
  4. Portland -Thrillist lists the “outré cocktail scene, myriad indie retail shops tucked into historical brick buildings, and easy ferry access to some of the country’s most beautiful island retreats” as their reasoning for adding Portland to the list.
  5. Islands – There are more than 3,000 coastal islands off of Maine’s coast where true fresh air and tranquility can still be had.



  1. Mystic – It’s more than just pizza! Mystic played a huge roll in New England’s history and has been featured in many a Hollywood film.
  2. Hot Lobster Rolls – Nobody does this iconic food better. The hot version is served with butter instead of the cold mayo-salad variety.
  3. Ocean Beach Park – “What if we told you there was a lovely white-sand beach that neighbored an Olympic-sized freshwater pool, a boardwalk, a mini-golf course, an arcade, and a waterside watering hole?” Yes, Thrillist is right, all that and more can be had at Ocean Beach State park.
  4. New Haven pizza – Known as apizza to the locals, this style includes a charred crust, oblong shape and toppings like clams.
  5. Northwest Corner – Stars like Meryl Streep, Manolo Blahnik, and Oliver Platt have part-time homes in this gorgeous area known for live theater and farm-to-table dining.



  1. Ben & Jerry’s – Besides the obvious deliciousness factor, the site gave Ben & Jerry’s top honors for their fun factory tours and their tongue-in-cheek flavor graveyard.
  2. Burlington – Thrillist says, ” The college town has it all: prototypical hippies, locavore cuisine, foliage-dotted hills, historic churches and buildings, a thriving music and arts scene, and an unmatched commitment to renewable energy.”
  3. Dog Friendliness – Because Vermonters love their pups, they are super-dog friendly when it comes to tourists, too. Coffee shops, breweries, hiking trails, and hotels all cater to Vermont pups.
  4. Outdoorsy-ness – Thrillist commends Vermonters for their dedication to outdoor living. No matter rain, shine, snow, sleet or hail, Green Mountain Staters find a way to enjoy the great outdoors.
  5. Cheese – The site went so far as to elevate Vermont above Wisconsin in the cheese department. With Cabot Creamery plus 46 other artisan cheese makers, perhaps it should be VT residents that are called “Cheeseheads”!


Rhode Island

  1. Music Clubs – Providence has long been known for its downtown indie music scene.
  2. Hot Weiners – “A thin veal-and-pork dog topped with celery salt, yellow mustard, onions, and taco-like meat sauce.” NEVER call them hotdogs!
  3. Boating – Newport, Block Island and Bristol are known for their sailing and yachting culture. RI is a nautical fan’s paradise.
  4. Weekend Retreats – America’s littlest state has some of the most stunning, luxurious and sought-after inns, spas, bed-and-breakfasts and resorts in the country.
  5. Coffee Milk/Del’s Frozen Lemonade – It’s a tie between the official state drink and its close runner up for Thrillist. State legislature picked a favorite in 1993, but the website just couldn’t!


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