This would be my Hall of Fame ballot

The official Hall of Fame voting isn’t until January of next year. But if anyone cares, here is how I would vote — if I did vote.

Jeff Bagwell — Let’s be honest, he’s going to get in this year. He was good for about 30 home runs a year for 15 years (447 HRs) and he hit .297 with a .948 OPS lifetime. Never caught with steroids. Good man.

Tim Raines — He’s the only guy with over 800 career stolen bases (808) who isn’t in the Hall of Fame. Of those guys, he also stole bases at the highest rate. Oh and he had 2605 hits lifetime.

Trevor Hoffman — Most saves ever for a few years — until Mariano Rivera ruined his life. But yeah, he saved over 600 games (601). Impressive.

Curt Schilling — One of two pitchers with over 3,000 strikeouts who isn’t in the Hall of Fame and the only clean one. He also has the third highest WAR for a pitcher not in the Hall of Fame (Roger Clemens and Mike Mussina are better).

Oh yeah, plus the whole 2004 thing.

Edgar Martinez — This guy revolutionized the DH spot. .312 hitter, .933 OPS in 18 big league seasons. Yes sir.  

Mike Mussina — Highest career WAR (82.7) for a non-PED using pitcher not in the Hall of Fame. Make it happen. He’s ahead of a lot of Hall of Famers

Ivan Rodriguez — 2,844 hits. 13 Gold Gloves. 14 All-Star game appearances. Great two-way catcher. Need I say more?

Billy Wagner —  Best left-handed closer in big league history. That’s gotta be worth something.

Vladimir Guerrero — Didn’t do roids. Was well-liked across the league, it seemed. He hit .318 with 449 homers in 16 big league seasons. Guy was excellent.

Julio Lugo — Just messing with you. You can vote for up to 10, but I’d leave this one blank. Could put a PED user here, but truth is, I don’t see the point when they won’t get in. They just won’t.

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