This Popular Brunch Spot Serves The Craziest Pancake Creations

This Popular Brunch Spot Serves The Craziest Pancake Creations

The Lincoln Tavern & Restaurant in South Boston serves brunch 7 days a week so there is no limit to how often you can indulge!

Monday through Thursday, the brunch menu features decadent dishes like short rib poutine, smoked salmon eggs benedict and a variety of wood fired pizzas - including the breakfast pizza with eggs, bacon, roasted tomatoes, caramelized onions, hashbrowns, fontina, pecorino Romano and Tabasco sauce.

Every Friday, in addition to their lunch menu, the Lincoln Tavern prepares new, creative menu items for guests to sample as part of their Brunch Test Kitchen.

Brunch Test Kitchen favorites eventually become part of the weekend brunch menu served Saturdays and Sundays from 10 AM - 3 PM.

Many of these experimental dishes are creative takes on the everyday pancake.

Fruity Pebbles Pancakes are traditional buttermilk pancakes topped with cereal milk anglais and sprinked with the colorful cereal of your childhood.

This past winter, the Hot Chocolate Pancakes were a big hit on chilly mornings. The chocolately hotcakes were served with hot fudge maple syrup and peppermint whipped cream, then garnished with marshmallows.

The Saturday and Sunday brunch menu currently features camping-inspired S'mores Pancakes. The dish features a stack of marshmallow & chocolate chip pancakes, topped with chocolate ganåche, toasted marshmallow, and graham cracker crumbles.

Each signature Pancake dish is available in a Super Stack of five decadent cakes you can share with the entire table or hoard all for yourself! 

Past creations include Bailey's Irish Cream Pancakes in honor of St. Patrick's Day...

Oreo Pancakes for National Oreo Day...

Cherry Garcia Pancakes with  luxardo orange syrup, dark chocolate chunks, and cherry cheesecake ice cream... 

...And rich, delicious Red Velvet Pancakes topped with cream cheese frosting, mascerated berries, and lemon zest - Just to name a few!

 Believe it or not, pancakes are just the beginning of the artistically sugar-bombed pastries at the Lincoln Tavern! They also serve imaginative French Toast, Waffles, Donuts, Custom Cakes and much more!

Oh, and if sweets aren't your thing, you can definitely find a diet-busting savory dish to enjoy instead.

The Lincoln Tavern & Restaurant is located at 425 W Broadway,
Boston, MA 
 and stays open until 2 AM seven days a week!

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