This Halloween Attraction Is So Intense You Have To Sign A Waiver

This Halloween Attraction Is So Intense You Have To Sign A Waiver

There is certainly no shortage of haunted attractions in Massachusetts. Whether you want an authentic ghost experience or an encounter with costumed characters, you can find it in the Bay State.

But if you really want to understand fright, head to the place voted MA's #1 haunted attraction: FearTown.

Located in Seekonk on the Rhode Island border, Fear Town is open straight through October and into November.

It all culminates with two nights of Extreme Fear so terrifying, you must be 18 and sign a waiver to enter!

Unlike most haunted houses, the actors at the Extreme Fears event can touch and restrain guests. You'll also find yourself in graphic situations, claustrophobic areas, and extreme darkness. 

Since the risk of psychological stress is so high, guests are given a safe word. If spoken - or screamed - staff will appear to guide you away from the distressing stimuli.

Even the mainstream scares at FearTown are pretty terrifying. The main attraction is a 45 minute walk through New England's longest haunted house. 

If you survive that, head over to the haunted midway for creepy clowns and carnival-style games with a horror twist.

This year's festivities also include real axe throwing and an interactive Witch Hunt experience.

Extreme Fears at FearTown will take place on November 8 and 9, 2019. Purchase your tickets online to save $5.

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