This Charming Newport Inn Was Once A Historic Jailhouse

This Charming Newport Inn Was Once A Historic Jailhouse

A stay at the Jailhouse Inn in downtown Newport, Rhode Island promises several amenities including fresh baked cookies, a free continental breakfast, stylish accommodations and a history lesson!

The inn was once Newport's jailhouse and police station! Originally built in 1772, the facility served as a holding stop for prisoners passing through the criminal justice system. There were few long-term stays since in those days punishment normally came in the form of fines or public humiliation in the stocks.

After a few renovations in the 1800s, the jail was eventually converted to an inn in 1986.

It may seem a bit odd to "check yourself in" to a house of corrections - especially when you see the iron bars over the front desk - but the Jailhouse Inn does their theme in style.

The 23 guest rooms vary in shape and size and feature modern decor that still manages to pay homage to days gone by.

For a true jailhouse experience, request the split double room where the two beds are separated by a bathroom (complete with a barred window).

In addition to its quaint yet quirky theme, the inn is conveniently located within walking distance to downtown Newport.

Considered one of New England's most beautiful cities, Newport offers a gorgeous harbor overlooking Narragansett Bay, the can't-miss Cliff Walk with views of Newport's Gilded Age mansions, exquisite shops, fine dining, as well as trendy bars and night life. 

Learn more about the Jailhouse Inn or book your "incarceration" on their website today!

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