Boston Marathon's Official Beer Is A Healthier Option For Runners & Fans Alike

Boston Marathon's Official Beer Is A Healthier Option For Runners & Fans Alike

26.2 represents the length (in miles) of a traditional marathon, and now, it's also the name of Boston Beer Company's latest brew.

BBC has been chosen as the official brewer of the 2019 Boston Marathon, and they have created a craft beer with both runners and drinkers in mind.

26.2 was crafted by Boston Beer Company's Advanced Cicerone and Manager of Research & Product Innovation, Shelley Smith, who is a marathon runner and triathlete in her own right.

Smith sought input from real marathon runners to deliver a great taste with a surprising bonus - the beer contains ingredients that may help long-distance runners with their recovery.

Coriander is known for its many health benefits, and provides a hint of citrus flavor to 26.2. The beer also contains Himalayan sea salt, and has just 120 calories and nine grams of carbs.

26.2 was also formulated with a lower alcohol content, making this a great way to celebrate your running accomplishments without suffering the unpleasant side effects the next day.

In the past, 26.2 was only available to those in the greater Boston area, so you either had to be running in the event or around town at the time. This year you can celebrate along with the participants from anywhere in the US, because 26.2 will be on sale nationwide!

The packaging will display the Boston Athletic Association’s purple and yellow color scheme as well as its unicorn logo.

“Like the Boston Marathon, The Boston Beer Company is part of the fabric of our great city,” Tom Grilk, CEO of the B.A.A., said. “This year, we are excited to extend our relationship and help make Marathon Brewing’s 26.2 Brew the beer that runners reach for on race day and beyond.”

The 2019 Boston marathon is scheduled for April 15th. This year you can lace up your shoes, cheer on the runners from the sidelines, or watch from home. No matter which you decide on, the choice in beer is clearly 26.2.

26.2 Brew is available in 6-pack bottles, 12-pack slim cans, 24-ounce traditional cans, and on draft.

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