This Boston Alley Has Become A Living Art Gallery

This Boston Alley Has Become A Living Art Gallery

There is a public walkway in Cambridge's Central Square where graffiti is not only legal, it's encouraged!

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Modica Way is nestled between Massachusetts Avenue and City Parking Lot 5. Shaded by a colorful plastic "stained glass" awning, the alley features a permanent black and white installment of Central Square people and places.


The other side, however, is available as a canvas for the colorful creativity of Boston's street artists.

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From simple graffiti tags to elaborate murals, the artwork is wild, free and ever-changing - hence, its classification as a "living art gallery".

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The colorful canopy provides a bit of shelter from the elements and plays off the paintings when the sun shines through. 

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While the majority of the murals are created by local street artists, nationally known artists like Shepard Fairey and Enzo & Nio have also left their mark on the walls of Modica Way.

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Fairey is the creator of the "Obey" clothing line and the iconic Obama "Hope" poster. 

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You can find the living canvas of Modica Way in Central Square next to Central Kitchen. The closest address is 565 Massachusetts Avenue. 

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Perhaps you can witness the city's next great artist creating his or her masterpiece during your free visit to this open-air celebration of culture.


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