There might be a movie about Derek Sanderson in the works

There might be a movie about Derek Sanderson in the works

Have you ever thought to yourself: You know what would make the world a better place? A movie about the Boston Bruins.

Well, then, you might be in luck, or you might not be. Regardless of what ends up happening, there is a chance you could get some content about a Bruins legend, and that's really the biggest takeaway from it. Allow me to explain.

Derek Sanderson's rise, fall and recovery is set to become a film, according to That's right: the former Bruins forward's story is apparently going to the big screen via Fort Point Media which features Casey Sherman and Dave Wedge--both of whom have authored books about Boston sports in the past.

OK, so here's where we run into some problems. These guys have promised they were gonna make movies about things Boston sports related in the past, and then they didn't. That's not a knock on them, because one of them gave me a good interview before, but it's hard to get the hopes up for a movie.

They were supposed to do one about deflategate. It got a lot of press, but then they settled on a book about Tom Brady and deflategate. A lot of people enjoyed the book--and that's cool--but they got a lot of press for it through the whole movie claim, so I'd just say: be skeptical.

Regardless of what it ends up being, it should be pretty cool. Sanderson was a great hockey player, but quickly found himself broke and sleeping on park benches before getting clean in the mid-80s.

So yeah, Sanderson's story is inspirational because we all know someone who has battled addiction and it is great to see big name sports figures beat it as well. We just really don't know if it's gonna be a book or a movie yet...

And if it really is a movie, I will apologize for doubting and promote the movie as well. 

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