There Is A Public Art Gallery Devoted To Cats In This NH Alleyway

Should you find yourself in Manchester, New Hampshire, be sure to visit a narrow little side street near the town's public library. Once known as “Dean Court,” the brick-lined passage is now referred to as  “Cat Alley” - and for good reason!
The open-air space has become a free-spirited homage to all things feline, with massive kitty-themed artwork lining the walls.
A mysterious someone by the name of C.T. Durgin is credited with having given the alley its nickname. A bronze plaque at the site says Durgin witnessed a battle between two stray cats. Hence, Cat Alley was born.
For years, the tiny street remained bare and unadorned until a local realtor took up a collection to bring new life to the space. Along with several local businesses, the realtor gained permission to decorate the alley with a cat theme.
A local artist known for working with young, at-risk graffiti artists began working on the famous feline murals that fill the alley today. 
The "urban art gallery" now draws street artists, cat enthusiasts, and admirers of the arts to a once empty, mundane space!
Even dogs appreciate the beauty and skill behind Cat Alley!