The Red Sox raised their ticket prices again....

The Red Sox raised their ticket prices again....

The good news is the Boston Red Sox won the World Series this year. The team actually stepped up, opened up their wallets and put together the kind of squad necessary to win 108 games and take home the crown. The bad news about this though is that now the Red Sox think they can do whatever they want.

Yes, a World Series win means exactly what you think it does: tickets are going to be more expensive now. This time, they're only going up 2.5 percent though which is the same amount they went up from 2017 to 2018. So pretty much, they just keep climbing up and up and up.

It looks like they really spiked the prices for a few key dates, as MassLive points out. Their April 9 home opener against the Toronto Blue Jays, their July 12-13 series against the Los Angeles Dodgers and three games against the New York Yankees (July 26-27, Sept. 7) are the most expensive ones; they went up by an average of 10 percent apiece.

Remember, the Red Sox already have some of the most expensive tickets in baseball--because they can.

Still, they have pretty much only gone up at a modest rate on the resale market, according to Barrys Tickets. In 2011, they were going for $80 apiece on average and in 2017, they were up to $97. However, that uptick in price was the seventh-lowest in baseball and that may have something to do with the team only raising its prices gradually, essentially to keep up with inflation.

If you've been to Fenway Park enough though, this may deter you from going there. It ain't a cheap outing even though back in my day, you could sit on Ted Williams' lap in the dugout and watch the game for a nickle. Much simpler times back then....

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