The Red Sox had some interesting delays on Wednesday

The Red Sox had some interesting delays on Wednesday

Everyone has those things in life that really annoy them. For some people, there's a lot of them.

Well, here's one a lot of baseball fans probably have: delay of games. They are the WORST. There's plenty of 'em. First and foremost, the instant replay gets annoying. Batters calling time isn't great. But hey, these are necessary evils, somewhat.

After that, it starts to get a little worse. A beach ball on the field is one of the dumber ones. Still, it's forgivable because people are trying to pass the ball around and a miss happens every now and then. And then we get to the one that really is aggravating. This is when a fan runs onto the field--clothed, unclothed, partially clothed, etc. Regardless, it's a major annoyance.

Wednesday night's Red Sox game was a weird experience. Why? Because there were two unusual delays of game. Let's break 'em down.

The one that sticks out the most is that during one of the at-bats, too many fans were shining their phones, so the Tigers batter complained and team workers had to tell people to stop doing it. This one was a joke. Just let it happen and play baseball. 

If a baseball player is distracted by someone being on their phone, then that's their problem.

But wait! There's more!

Of course, that couldn't just be it. There had to be a fan who ran onto the field during the game. Let's be honest, these people are the worst. They're not gonna put them on TV because they don't want to encourage others to follow suit, which is very good. And still, people do it for some reason. At least this guy got what he deserved for it:



 Yes. The dude did get leveled. That's good. Fenway security has to show people who is boss when they mildly inconvenience everyone else's days. 

But hey, at least the Red Sox won that game. Very weird day at the ballpark though...

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