The Red Sox are popular again

The Red Sox are popular again

People say that baseball is boring, dying and unpopular. People are wrong to say that.

Apparently, there are some people on this earth who still like baseball, because the Boston Red Sox are getting some incredible ratings to start the season.

According to WEEI, the Red Sox-Yankees game on Tuesday got averaged an 8.9 TV rating which would have been the most-watched game of the 2017 MLB season. The game’s rating peaked at 11.4 which again, is very good. It probably has something to do with the Yankees being very good this year, the game being on a Tuesday night when nothing else is on and the Red Sox playing well.

And it wasn’t just that game that people were tuning in to watch. The ratings are up about 40 percent this season, according to the statistics.

Let’s break this down a little bit further. Before the Red Sox-Yankees series, the ratings were already up 47 percent from the 18-34 range and 53 percent in the 25 to 54 range. Yes, I understand there’s some overlap there, but it indicates there is interest in the Boston Red Sox this season--and that’s a good thing.

The Red Sox aren’t really drawing in real life this season but you know what, who cares? Through four games, they had drawn 33,072 fans per game which ranked 11th in the league. Remember, April in Massachusetts is pretty brutal. It’s not comfortable to watch a game outside on some nights. Plus, Fenway is expensive and a small venue, so they’re never gonna lead the league in attendance even if the Red Sox went 162-0.

But yeah, people are excited about this year’s Red Sox team, and that’s a good thing--especially in April. Usually everyone’s all Celtics and Bruins at this point.

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