The Red Sox are going to London next year!

The Red Sox are going to London next year!

Major League Baseball is trying to copy what other leagues do and it will impact the Red Sox.

So, they want to get fans who live in other countries. In order to do so, the AP is reporting that the Red Sox and Yankees will play a pair of games in London at Olympic Stadium next June (29 and 30). It’ll be the first time MLB teams have played a regular season game in Europe. Oh, and here’s the fun part: the Red Sox will be the “home team”. So yes, that means the Red Sox will only have 79 home games next year, not 81…. That means they will play 83 road games. The Yankees are going to be really good next year, so that’s a disadvantage. That’s not good.

According to AP, both teams have a connection to the UK. Fenway Sports Group owns Liverpool FC; the Yankees and Manchester City FC of the Premier League operate NYC FC in the MLS.

The one bright side for the players making the trip is they’ll all take home a $60k bonus.

It’s good that they want to promote the sport, but taking away home games from the Red Sox is not really a solution we should be happy with. That’s less chances for y’all to go to Fenway and less games where the Red Sox have a mathematical advantage.

Plus, let’s be honest, if these people across the pond have never really seen a lot of baseball before, can’t we just stick out some second-tier club and they won’t be able to tell the difference. Or maybe the Twins could play a game in Europe to promote their German-born player, Max Kepler. After all, the UK is still part of the EU (for now), so they’d probably like to see a fellow EUer out there.

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