The Pats should cut Bryan Stork

At some point, the New England Patriots are going to have to realize Bryan Stork is a major issue.

There are only so many roster spots and at the moment, keeping him does not look to be a great use of one.

David Andrews could be in line for the starting center job and today, he saw more action than Stork. So how did today go for Stork? Not bad. He was kicked out of practice for fighting a teammate though — which just gave Andrews even more reps.

Fights at football practice happen. Some people just take it way too seriously and personally to the point where it’s laughable.

Even guys who are fighting for jobs with one another are still on the same team with the same goal. There is a problem when players fights guys on different teams, so seeing guys fight their teammates is a serious problem.

Stork had a pretty memorable interview at the end of last NFL season. He is not a great man for the media. But one could imagine his reaction if someone were to bring up his snap-tipping tendency. He gave the Denver Broncos defensively line a lot of help in doing so.

As a player, there might not be much wrong with Stork. He’s not a bad player and he really isn’t making very much for a potential starter. But the Patriots do not need guys who are causing issues at practice.

Sounds crazy, right? But the Pats cut Dominique Easley back in April. Now that was crazy. And a few years back, they cut one of the game’s top rising stars: Aaron Hernandez. This is also the same team who cut Tim Tebow and drafts Rutgers guys like they’re a football powerhouse or something.

Having guys who fight their teammates just does not seem like the Patriot way.

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