The Patriots have no need to bring in Peterson and Sherman

It’s pretty much the Patriot way or the highway these days. There’s not much of an in-between.

Act like a Patriot, do the right thing and play world class football, and the Patriots are a perfect fit. Sure, they lowball guys on contract offers and try to use the opportunity to win as leverage, but that’s honestly not a bad way to get yourself a bunch of team players who want to play for the jersey and not for their own bank account. Obviously, since there’s only so many blows to the head a player can take, you have to respect whichever route they go since they won’t be able to do it forever, but still..

Two names that have popped up in Patriots rumors this week are Richard Sherman and Adrian Peterson. Some people might get wicked excited over that because a few years back, those were two of the best players in the game. But to that, you should instead say: no thanks. Better yet, yell “stranger danger” and run away.

From the sound of it, there’s a high asking price on Sherman. That’s not good for a team that doesn’t have a lot of picks in this year’s draft. Nevermind the fact that the Patriots already have Stephon Gilmore and Malcolm Butler. Plus, how would his teammates accept him? Two syllables: deflategate.

Adrian Peterson’s child abuse should be enough to shy away from him. Plus an offensive line is more important than running back. And he averaged just 1.9 yards per carry last season. Pass.

Instead of focusing on these big names, the Patriots, who aren’t completely made of money, need to address any issues they have by getting better character guys. Not these dudes.

Let’s be honest too, the Pats are coming off a Super Bowl win. How much better do they need to be?

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