The Patriots backup QB situation has some flexibility

The Patriots backup QB situation has some flexibility

The New England Patriots need a backup quarterback. They also need to figure out what the heck their plan is gonna be when Tom Brady retires. As much as we like to think of the best quarterback of all-time as invincible, this isn’t a Mark Wahlberg movie. There’s no such thing as that.

In the past few days, we’ve seen a few interesting possibilities in this department, so let’s take a look at them:

Johnny Manziel

The Patriots were one of 32 teams watching Manziel workout this week as he hopes to put together an NFL comeback. The Patriots even met with him, so that heats up the flame there. We know Johnny Football is trying to get his life back together, and he’d have the opportunity to learn under the greatest in New England. Maybe he’s worth a shot.


NFL Draft

Robert Kraft recently said the Patriots were thinking about drafting a quarterback. This makes a lot of sense since they don’t have Jimmy G anymore and it will take someone a few years to learn the Patriots system before Tom Brady decides to call it a career. This would be the perfect year to enact that plan.

Just remember the names Mason Rudolph and Kyle Lauletta. Rudolph had 37 TDs to 9 INTs for Oklahoma State last fall while Lauletta is coming out of Richmond (FCS school) and was named the Senior Bowl MVP. USA Today called him “the most underrated quarterback in the draft” and NESN said he became “Bill Belichick’s perfect quarterback”. Hmmm…..

Keep Brian Hoyer, go 2 QBS

Brian Hoyer is still property of the Patriots. He’s a steady backup and if all else fails, keeping him is a smart move. This one really depends on how things go for the Patriots in the draft or if they like what they see out of Manziel. It’s not a bad idea to keep him around regardless though sort of for insurance purposes.

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