The new David Price is awesome

The new David Price is awesome

People can hate on David Price all they want, but the new David Price is actually pretty delightful. 

Who cares if he had a rough beginning to the 2016 season and if people who cover the team don't like him? The answer should be none of that.

Lately, Price has bringing the sarcasm to the park which is great but more importantly. He has been pitching like David Price. Most of his outings have been six innings or longer as of late and in his last nine outings, he is 7-1 with a 2.72 ERA and 57 strikeouts over 56.1 innings pitched. That sounds like the David Price the Red Sox paid big money for. He is straight up getting results and that's awesome.

But! Not everyone is happy about it, because he doesn't like to play stupid little games with the media. On Tuesday night, he did a perfect job of shutting down the people whose sole purpose in life is being out to get him.


For the love of pete: what a stupid thing to ask him. As someone who has covered a couple of Major League Baseball games before and a couple dozen MiLB games, I must say this is not how reporters should be behaved. They just like to make stuff up about Price, so why should he have any respect for them at all?

Let's look at what WEEI wrote about him today. 

"Tomase: Maybe biggest start of David Price's Red Sox career looms and he's already being whiny about it"

OK, so the dude who spread fake news about Spygate doesn't like that David Price doesn't like him. Well, isn't that petty? Also, doesn't Price have a point to say the media is dishonest if Tomase is among them?

"David Price is the worst comedian in the world" by Alex Reimer

Oh, that little pissant still has a job? His whole job seems to be to start trouble in hopes of generating clicks for the blog of a radio station. That's a friggin lifestyle-and-a-half right there. Not even gonna click the article because I'm sure it is stupid. 

What matters right now is that Price is pitching well. Whatever little games SOME people (not all, there are some very fine reporters on the Red Sox beat) want to start with are meaningless. Let Price's numbers speak for themselves. 

Also, he should keep giving great answers like this. Very funny. 


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