The Theater District's Newest Hotel Is Full Of Unicorns & Photo Ops

The Theater District's Newest Hotel Is Full Of Unicorns & Photo Ops

The Moxy Hotel chain is Marriotts laid-back, funky attempt to attract a younger clientelle. With locations throughout NYC, DC, Atlanta and Chicago, Boston is in good company.
The Theater District hotel boasts 340 rooms across 24 stories. The Moxy refers to their guests as “fun hunters,” and there is definitely plenty of fun to be had at this colorful hotel.
Selfie walls and colorful murals provide the perfect opportunity for livestreams and photo ops, and the decor is something you'd see in a trendy nightclub - or maybe a fancy college dorm.
Take the mural of a heart-eyed panda bear riding a tricycle and wearing pink Chuck Taylors, the hot pink light-up lobby sign reminiscent of Las Vegas' neon strip, and the “chill nook” featuring a giant cartoon unicorn.
The rooms are a bit more subdued with a few simple touches to remind you where you are. Each 150-square-foot room boasts floor to ceiling windows, hooks with hangers instead of a closet, and a hot-pink hairdryer in the bathroom.

In addition to the scenery, The Moxy also offers fun giveaways to lucky guests. Each day, one room receives a “Moxy hookup” complete with fun surprises and upgrades. A giant stuffed unicorn in your room is your free drink ticket at the second-floor Bar Moxy.

Corporate meeting attendees will receive a comic book and colored pencils instead of the same boring notepad and pen.

If you are looking for a fun, friendly, and affordable place to crash on your next visit to the city, head to The Moxy. It will certainly be a memorable experience!

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