The Golden Knights have Bruins connections

The Golden Knights have Bruins connections

Let's be honest, no one saw this coming.

The Las Vegas Golden Knights have the chance to prove themselves as the best team in the NHL this season. No one was expecting that. The worst? Maybe. The best? Heck no. But they're playing for the Stanley Cup, so that's pretty cool, right?

Here's something else that's worth noting: those vultures have two former Bruins on their roster. That's right, Colin Miller and Malcolm Subban are a small part of the reason why they've been able to make it this far. Shocker, I know. This team is essentially made of other people's scraps and yet, they're flourishing.

Right away, Miller's production stands out. He really blossomed this year in the opportunity he was given, putting up 41 points (10 goals, 31 assists) in 82 regular season games while playing good defense. He is in a bigger role than he was in Boston and it's working out well for him.

And then there's Subban. Granted, he's not really playing in the playoffs, he's still a part of the team. Amazingly, he went 13-4-2 in his 19 starts for the Golden Knights during the regular season and in 22 games, his GAA is 2.68. Honestly? That's respectable.

Since the Bruins aren't in the Stanley Cup Finals this year, this should make you want the Knights to win in a weird way. There's multiple guys who played for the Bruins last year on their team. Now you can see why this Knights team has appeal. In addition to being an underdog, they have a recent player from the majority of the teams in the league.  

Regardless of whether or not you buy that logic, it should be an interesting series. The Knights have a chance to make history and if they do, you can point to Colin Miller in the pile and say, "hey, that guy was on the Bruins defense last year!".

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