The Eagles fan's billboard in Foxboro is lame as hell

The Eagles fan's billboard in Foxboro is lame as hell

Sometimes, you just have to question why we let people be idiots with their first amendment rights.

The most recent example of this occurred this week right near Gillette Stadium in Foxboro (or Foxborough if you're the type who spells "donut" as "doughnut"). Some "artist" decided to put up a billboard "trolling" New England Patriots fans about the result of last season's Super Bowl, apparently.



The sign is about a mile away from Gillette Stadium on Route 1 and it says "Go Birds" and "World Champs!". There's also some pretty lousy paintings on it. They're very blurry and then it looks like a dog with a sombrero and a mustache is in the front wearing some traditional Mexican garb (like a poncho and colorful clothes). Pretty insensitive if you ask me. And if that's not what the drawing really is, then maybe this guy just stinks at drawing/painting/trolling.

The whole thing is really stupid. If whoever put it up there wants it up there, OK. Fine. They can waste their money on that stupid thing because the Eagles won the Super Bowl. It's not a big deal. What's really funny is that some moron would waste their money on a billboard for it. Just imagine how many other better ways there are to spend money. That most certainly is not one of them.

Oh yeah, and no one is even thinking about this stuff right now. It's a new season and like any other season, the Patriots have a great chance at winning the Super Bowl. The Pats always keep moving forward because they know what they're capable of doing. This loser who did this crappy painting is living in the past--like Uncle Rico in Napoleon Dynamite.

I'm starting to feel sad for the sap that paid for that billboard, and you should too.

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