The Colts are now the Patriots

The Colts are now the Patriots

Alright, so this is huge.

The New England Patriots are going to run with two quarterbacks this season: Tom Brady and Jarrett Stidham. That's what they are going to keep on their roster and as a result, something else quite big also happened for the Indianapolis Colts. How about we break it down?

So the Patriots made a move some would've expected and others would not have: cutting Brian Hoyer. The reason one might expect it is because they cut him in favor of Ryan Mallett in the past and did just fine having two quarterbacks on the roster.

In turn, the Colts signed Hoyer to be their backup quarterback -- backing up Jacoby Brissett. In other words, Brady's backup for several years is now backing up Brady's former third stringer. Incredible how the world works.

For a backup, Hoyer is going to make some decent money with the Colts; he signed a 3-year deal worth $12 million. Of that, $9 million is guaranteed.

Now does this mean Stidham is on his way to superstardom? No. It does not. He had a promising preseason, so perhaps the talent is there. However, as I mentioned earlier, the precedent to cutting Hoyer in favor of a younger QB is Mallett, who played in 21 games from 2012 to 2017 and threw nine touchdowns to 10 interceptions.

Oh yeah, and for some reason this article just wouldn't feel right if I didn't mention Jimmy Garoppolo. That's three former Patriots starting at quarterback for different teams this season. Was kind of hoping Hoyer would make it four, but whatever. He might start a game for the Colts this season. We shall find out at some point.

Also, Matt Cassel is still a free agent, so there is still hope for that living legend as well. Fingers crossed for him.

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