The Celtics might do something else with this year's draft picks

The Celtics might do something else with this year's draft picks

The Boston Celtics have a few draft picks in the coming NBA Draft, but they also want to win basketball games right now.

It's a bit of a dilemma. What are they going to do? Hopefully, they don't do that draft and stash stuff because that gets old. If there's not room for a guy on the roster, punting the pick isn't really a good strategy.

Well, we're really hoping they don't do that again this time around because frankly, they should do what they can to be a dominant basketball team--and they might do something good and make it happen.

Woj, the ESPN guy, reportedly said he doesn't see the Celtics wanting to have three rookies on their team next season.

Maybe this means they'll try to move up in the draft and get someone better, but it's hard to say because the amount of talent in the draft on a yearly basis is actually quite limited, so not really sure what someone would want with a late first round pick.

Hopefully, they use the picks to try to score some sort of a proven veteran who can help them win basketball games at this moment. Why? Because they're close to what they need to be over the top, so it would be nice to see them just get there already instead of having some weird, elongated rebuild where they're solid but not great.

According to the NBA's official website, the Celtics have the 14th pick, 20th pick, 22nd pick and 51st pick in this upcoming NBA Draft.

The draft is set to take place next week on Thursday, June 20. It would be nice if they could somehow land Zion Williamson (if they try to trade up), but there's a better chance of a Paul Pierce comeback than that ever happening--since he'll likely either go one or two overall.

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