The Celtics got a sweet new practice facility

The Celtics got a sweet new practice facility

The Boston Celtics might play their home games at TD Garden (they do), but they just got a sweet new practice facility.

That's right, they're not practicing wherever they used to practice anymore. Some place in Waltham I think was where the old one was. But let's be honest, it doesn't matter anymore. This is because the team unveiled "The Auerbach Center" on Tuesday; it's their new 70,000 square foot practice facility at the New Balance World Headquarters located on Boston Landing.



So why did they move? Well, this new facility is better--and not just because it's new.

There's an additional practice court, a bigger workout room, a bunch of pools (for some odd reason), a float tank (whatever that is), a better kitchen, a medical exam room and oh, there's even a nap room. Plus, this one has banners, so there's that aspect of it too.

It's certainly cool that they named the facility after a Celtics legend like Red Auerbach.

“New Balance is extremely proud to join with the Boston Celtics in honoring Red Auerbach’s professional achievements and personal values of teamwork and integrity through the opening of ‘Red’s House’ at Boston Landing,” New Balance Chairman Jim Davis told the media at the event. “Red Auerbach was a true entrepreneur whose passion for winning and dedication to the sport of basketball and the Boston Celtics was equally matched with his commitment to people and the Boston community.”

From the looks of social media, Charlie Baker and Marty Walsh were present at the unveiling on Tuesday because of course they were. Politicians on all sides of the aisle love to pretend to like sports to pander to sports fans.



So yeah, the Celtics got a sweet new practice facility. Will it make a difference in their playing ability? We'll see soon enough.

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