The Bruins keep losing

The Bruins keep losing

This doesn't happen very often when a team is in good position but let's say what everyone's thinking just to get it out of the way: what's going on with the Boston Bruins? Frankly, I'm a little concerned.

The last time they won a hockey game was December 3. That's right, the big Jaroslav Halak 500th game was the last time they won. It was cool that they came out on top in that one, but now they've dropped their last five contests. And I know, I know. An overtime loss in the NHL still counts as a point in the standings, but it's not a win...

It's hard to just pick on one side of the puck because frankly, they haven't been producing at the level we know they are capable of doing in these past five games. Sure, the defense and goaltending could be better but at the same time, the offense only scored three goals once in that five game stretch -- which makes it tough to win games.

Now the Bruins don't have an easy game coming up on Saturday against the Florida Panthers, but it's also not their hardest game either. They're facing the Panthers on the road. This year, that team is 15-11-5 so if you think of it this way, they've lost more games than they've won because that last column isn't ties, it's overtime losses. That's what's kind of unique about the NHL. In a lot of other sports, including high school hockey, that last column is tie games.

So yeah, we'll see what happens with the Bruins. Don't get me wrong, they got off to a great start this season and have plenty of time to overcome these struggles, but it's not good to get in a spot where there's no momentum whatsoever like they are now...

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