The Bruins get their man: Gemel Smith

The Bruins get their man: Gemel Smith

The Boston Bruins made some waves (OK, more like one ripple) Thursday afternoon when they went out and got a big-time forward (if you want to be hyperbolic about it).The Bruins claimed Gemel Smith on waivers from the Dallas Stars.

So, a lot of people are probably thinking: who the heck is that? And let's be honest, most people who will pretend to know who he was from his Dallas Stars days are probably liars. Even so, it's a move worth supporting because anytime a team can get some potential talent for nothing at all in return, that's pretty good.

So, for those who are unaware, he is 24 years old and has already spent parts of three seasons in the league. In 77 career games, the forward has put up 20 points (11 goals, 9 assists)--which is definitely competent; most of his production came last season when he played in a career-high 46 games for the Stars and had 11 points (6 goals, 5 assists). So far this season, he had played in 14 games before getting the boot.

The head coach of the Dallas Stars, Jim Montgomery, said Smith played his way out of the lineup in their city. And when he was asked abut it, he told reporters, "I guess it's just consistency, right? That's a tough situation because other players maybe got more opportunity than he did. At the same time, you have to force the issue for the coach. And the last game he played, he didn't force the issue. Not that that's the only bearing on what's transpired, but you play yourself into the lineup and you can play yourself out of the lineup."

Keep in mind, this is a young player and his coach really said there wasn't an opportunity for him to play there. Maybe the Bruins can do something with him though, hopefully.

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