The Boston Light

The Boston Light has made its way to many sightseeing lists around New England and for good reason too.

What is it?

Located on Little Brewster Island in outer Boston Harbor, Massachusetts, the Boston Lighthouse is a historic lighthouse that provides guided tours to visitors. Although automated in 1998 it is the only lighthouse to still be actively staffed by the United States Cost Guard, with a keeper acting as tour guide. The original lighthouse were managed by British forces during the American Revolution and was in fact, attacked and burned on two occasions by the American forces. However, it is now a National Historic Monument, effective since 1964.

Why should you visit?

Rich History: An untimely death, war stories, shipwrecks; the Boston light has a rich albeit gory history. This monument will appease your interest for tidbits of American history. Visit and hear tales of the lighthouse from light keepers.

National Historic Monument: The Boston Light found its way to the list of National monuments back in the 60s and wouldn’t you like to visit a monument renowned for being an important landmark as well as a historically preserved building? An added fact: when you visit the lighthouse, you get a guided tour not just of the monument but of the island as a whole. How fun is that!

Boat Rides: The fun part about the Boston Light is the method you have to take to reach it. If you visit in the morning or the afternoon, you get to ride the ferry Columbia Point. But, don’t worry if you get there during another time because plenty of private rides are also available.

So, go to the Boston Light and get a chance to learn about a National Historic Monument and its history. It will surely be a great addition your New England sightseeing checklist. Be sure not to miss it!

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