Thankfully, Cyrus Jones is no longer a Patriot

Thankfully, Cyrus Jones is no longer a Patriot

*Exhales loudly*.

In terms of moves made by the New England Patriots, this has to be one of the biggest reliefs in quite some time. Some fans were probably genuinely concerned that Cyrus Jones would play in some games this season and really screw things up for the Patriots like he did as a rookie. Fortunately, that will not be the case.

The Patriots cut the former second round pick on September 1 and two days later, he was picked up by the Baltimore Ravens. No joke: an actual NFL team signed him. Wow. Good luck to them--because they will certainly need a lot of luck if they have him back there returning balls.

Jones didn't play last season because he tore his ACL, but his rookie season was VERY, VERY rough. He dropped like five balls in 10 games as a return man. It was unprecedented struggles for a Patriots returner and the kind of struggles that really could have screwed the team over in the postseason if they allowed him to play. Fortunately, they did not.

Defensively, he barely played too, so he wasn't really an asset to the Patriots roster. Now that he's gone though, fans should have a little more confidence in the squad. It's also worth noting--and some people might disagree with this--but the Patriots draft game hasn't been especially strong in the past few years like it had been in the past. This is an example of it. Feel free to disagree. The Patriots have a great team still, but just pointing one thing out.

So what are the Ravens going to do with Jones in Baltimore? Who knows? Hopefully, they have some fun with him though. It looks like he's on their practice squad, so maybe they want their kickoff team to recover a lot of squib kicks in practice or something.

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