Texas Tough Promotion for Hurricane Harvey Victims

As everyone knows by now Houston, Texas and the surrounding area has recently been devastated by hurricane Harvey. Mother nature is a cruel cruel beast and when she comes for your area there is nothing that you can do. Luckily the world is full of a lot of great people that have been doing their part to help out those in need. Some people in Houston lost everything that they own and no longer have dry clothes that they can wear.

Here at Chowdaheadz we have decided to put together a promotion to donate some clothes to those in need in Houston. For every T-shirt that is sold in the month of September we will donate a blank T-shirt to those in need in Houston. Over the next few weeks we will do some research and look into the best charity to donate our T-shirts to so that they will get to those who need them most. If you know of a great local charity in Houston area please reach out and let us know.

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