Tedy Bruschi weighs in on Chandler Jones situation

When Tedy Bruschi says something, New England Patriots fans listen — even if it a knock on current defensive end Chandler Jones.

And that is because they respect him and all that the three-time Super Bowl champ did for the franchise during his 15-year NFL career.

Yesterday on Sportscenter, Bruschi had a hot take on Jones amid all of what has gone down this week.

Last weekend, Jones went to the police because he had a bad reaction to synthetic marijuana. WEEI reported that the event allegedly took place at Rob Gronkowski’s house, but they had since refuted that claim.

Bruschi not only said Jones was, “an embarassment to the organization,” but believes that Jones should receive some sort of punishment from head coach Bill Belichick — possibly even benching him in tomorrow’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

While Patriots fans might not necessarily agree with Bruschi’s opinion, mostly because the Kansas City Chiefs, who the Patriots are playing tomorrow, have won 11 straight games, they must be able to see where he is coming from. Belichick has a history of discipling his players for their actions, regardless of the week.

Back in 2011, Patriots leading wide receiver Wes Welker was benched for the first series against the New York Jets for the AFC Divisional Round game for comments he made about their head coach, Rex Ryan, earlier in the week. Welker’s comments targeted Ryan’s foot fetish.

The Patriots ended up losing that game, 28-21, despite beating the Jets, 45-3, earlier that regular season.

As for the Jones case, there is a chance that he does not see any reprocussion at all. He formally apologized yesterday and has not missed any team activity this week. Not to mention synthetic marijuana is legal.

Jones leads the Patriots with 12.5 sacks this season.

When asked if Jones would play, Belichick had a typical Bill Belichick answer.

“We’ll see on Saturday. I could just Xerox you a copy of the game plan and you can send it over to Kansas City. That might be easier for all of us,” he told ESPN Boston.

Notice he did not say Jones was not playing.


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