Sundays at Memorial Drive

If you’re in the greater Boston area and in search of something to do this weekend, then read on to plan your Sunday. Have you ever been to Memorial Drive? If you have, you know that this highway along the north bank of the Charles River is often very busy. There is usually always a steady flow of traffic along the entire road, with vehicles of all sorts passing through. However, there is one exception, Sundays at Memorial Drive is a nice break from the craziness of the week.

The drive is managed by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, and to honor that recreational element, a portion of the drive is closed to motor vehicles. From Western Avenue to Auburn Street, the drive hosts no traffic, so it is open to the public to use for fun! These recreational Sundays happen each week from 11 in the morning till 7 in the evening for more than half a year – from the last Sunday of April to the second Sunday of November. This year, the dates are from the 24th of April to the 13th of November.

These Sundays are a great opportunity for those in the Cambridge area to go get a workout. Unbothered by heavy traffic, you can come for a nice walk or run. Or you can bring along your bicycle or scooter or roller skates, and enjoy it without any concern about motor vehicles. It is an excellent, wholesome way to spend a Sunday and release some sweat, and that too for no cost. A suitable outlet of recreation for people of all ages, these Sundays can be especially beneficial for kids who would like to enjoy the outdoors freely.

Of course, the icing on the cake here is the incredible view that you can get along the drive. You can see the gorgeous Boston skyline on one side and the Charles River with its charming little sailboats and kayaks on the other. So come, make use of this special chance at an unobstructed Memorial Drive. If your fun exertions get you hungry, the iconic Harvard Square with its many eateries is only a few minutes away.

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