Summer Boston Sea Party

People in the greater Boston area that are in search of dancing, partying and lots of music on a Saturday night were able to enjoy the Summer Boston Sea Party. Weekends can get mundane and dull, so, celebrating away all sadness in a big boat sounds amazing. If you were in search of the best sea party ever then the Summer Boston Sea Party that took place in Provincetown was definitely the answer to your prayers. After it’s earlier success the initiative held up to its expectations.

The Second Annual Summer Boston Sea Party was a great success an it was presented by the Social Boston Sports, the party was three decks full of everything you would want on a Saturday- partying, music and dancing. The music was amazing with Flyy Home, Deej Tommy Dee and Dj of Boston adding to the fun and ambiance giving all attendants all the good music a party requires. The summer 2016 party was great and what could possibly go wrong when you’re on a boat with 900 equally enthusiastic individuals?

It all started at 200 Seaport Blvd before 6 p.m. and went on with 4 hours of great music with the best DJs, along with partying and dancing with your closest friends. Along with all this fun, great drinks were a part of the event and  sold by licensed vendors. For those who were disappointed to end the fun after 4  hours, there was a grand official after party at Ascend Boston, which was great additional fun.

Saturday, 4th June was truly enojoyable for people who opted to attend the Summer Boston Sea Party. In case you were born on that day you could’ve notified the team for a little something special. The biggest boat party comes only once a year so in case you missed it this year, make sure you’re on the look out next year!

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